a trio of round pond pressure filters displaying 3 hose inlet and outlets
Jebao UVC Pond Pressure Filter Easy Clean Back Flush CBF Series
Jebao UVC Pond Pressure Filter Easy Clean Back Flush CBF Series

Jebao UVC Pond Pressure Filter Easy Clean Back Flush CBF Series

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The Jebao CBF range of pond pressure filters are easy to hide, compact units for biological and mechanical pond filtration. The pressurisation allows the option of running the water from the filter to the top of a waterfall.

How It Works - 3 stage filtration process
Stage 1 - Mechanical Filtration: Pond water is pumped into filter and passed through a large foam that effectively traps and removes unwanted debris.

Stage 2 - Biological Filtration: The biological stage of the filtration begins when water reaches the bottom of the filter. This stage uses bio-balls which provide a habitat for beneficial bacteria to grow. These bacteria naturally convert harmful ammonia and other wastes into healthy nitrates that fertilize aquatic plants and support a healthy pond environment.

Stage 3- UV Filtration: The final filtering stage uses a ultra-violet (UV) light located in the middle of the filter. Exposure to the light kills algae as the water passes upward through the filter on its way back to the pond.

Easy To Clean And Maintain
The CBF range of pressure filters are fitted with an easy to operate back flush system. It is also fitted with a pressure indicator that displays green while the filter is performing properly and red when it requires cleaning.


  • Multi-stage biological and mechanical filtration stages provide maximum pond filtration.
  • Large foam surface area provides increased filtration and beneficial bacteria growth.
  • Maintenance indicator shows when cleaning is required.
  • Back Flush facility for easy maintenance.
  • Can be buried to lid for concealment.
  • UV light incorporates quartz glass to ensure optimum performance.
  • Complete with media.
  • Hose Connection 15/20/25mm.
  • Cable length 6.5m

Filter Specifications


  • Recommended Max. Pond Size: 4000 litres
  • Power: 7w
  • Dimensions: 278 x 438mm


  • Recommended Max. Pond Size: 6000 litres
  • Power: 9w
  • Dimensions: 343 x 440mm


  • Recommended Max. Pond Size: 8000 litres
  • Power: 11w
  • Dimensions: 343 x 500mm


  • Recommended Max. Pond Size: 12000 litres
  • Power: 24w
  • Dimensions: 413 x 491mm


  • Recommended Max. Pond Size: 15000 litres
  • Power: 36w
  • Dimensions: 416 x 591mm