Aquarium and Vivarium Double Sided Backgrounds

Please select your aquarium / vivarium background. You will then be given the option to select your required length and height

Supplied with Poster Adhesive Squares to help you affix to your tank

Introducing our high-quality fish tank backdrops, the perfect addition to your aquarium or vivarium. These double-sided scenic decorations are made from glossy vinyl, ensuring bright colours and a high definition image.

Our fish tank backgrounds are designed to be easy to apply, with no bubbling or creasing. Simply attach it securely to the back of your fish tank or vivarium. The waterproof material ensures durability and long-lasting use, even in a wet environment.

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your fish tank with our stunning backdrops. The vibrant colours and realistic underwater scenes create a visually captivating environment for your fish and other aquatic creatures. Whether you have a freshwater or saltwater tank, these backdrops will transform your aquarium into a beautiful underwater world.

Our fish tank background pictures are perfect for aquarium enthusiasts and professional fish breeders alike. The double-sided design allows you to change the scenery whenever you desire. The glossy vinyl material adds a touch of elegance, making your fish tank a centrepiece in any room.

These fish tank backings are also suitable for use in vivariums and other reptile habitats. The scenic design creates a natural and immersive environment for your fish or reptiles, enhancing their well-being and overall experience.

Experience the convenience of our easy application fish tank backdrop. Unlike peel-off self adhesive backgrounds that often bubble up or crease and are difficult to apply, you simply use the enclosed poster adhesive squares - 1 in each corner.

Invest in our fish tank backdrop and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of an underwater scene right in your own home. The high-quality glossy vinyl and double-sided design guarantee a product that will exceed your expectations. Create a stunning backdrop for your fish tank or vivarium with our waterproof, easy-to-install decoration.

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