Pond Filters

A quick guide to choosing the right type and size pond filter.

A pond filter is one of the most important components of any garden pond. Unfortunately, when it comes to choosing the right size and type, this tends to be where many pond owners get it wrong.

There are many types of filters but generally just two that are commonly used - gravity and pressure filters. Pressure filters can pump water uphill so are often used in order to send water up to the top of waterfalls. However, as gravity filters do not need to force water through the filter they typically require less pump horsepower which means a saving on the pump size required.

Once you've decided which type of filter you require or prefer you can then establish what size filter is needed. Filter manufacturers will give a recomendation of the maximum pond size for a specific filter.  For example, the Jebao CF-20 Pressure Filter has a recommended maximum pond size of 8000 litres.

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