Jebao UV Pond Pressure Easy Clean Backwash Filter CF-30 12000 Litres

Jebao UV Pond Pressure Easy Clean Backwash Filter CF-30 12000 Litres

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The Jebao CF range of pond filters are easy to hide, compact unit for biological and mechanical pond filtration. The pressurisation allows the option of running the water from the filter to the top of a waterfall.

How It Works
Pond water is pumped into the biological chamber where the foam removes unwanted solids. The biological filter medium converts and dissolves organic debris and fish waste into harmless matter.

The water is then passed the ultra violet lamp (UVC) which kills green algae particles, converting over a period of time unsightly green and cloudy water into clean water which is passed back into the pond.

Easy To Clean And Maintain
Twin layered foam disks of different coarseness ensure that water clarity can be achieved with minimum maintenance.

A large clear viewing window allows the user to see if the UV lamp is switched on and functioning. Bayonet fitting of the UVC lamp allows quick cleaning and lamp change as required. Cleaning indicator turns red when cleaning is required


  • Multi-stage biological and mechanical filtration stages provide maximum pond filtration.
  • Large foam surface area provides increased filtration and beneficial bacteria growth.
  • Maintenance indicator shows when cleaning is required.
  • Back Flush facility for easy maintenance, simply flick the lever to back flush the filter and discharge the muck.
  • Suitable for waterfall applications.
  • Can be buried to lid for concealment.
  • UV light incorporates quartz glass to ensure optimum performance.
  • Complete with media.
  • Hose Connection 20 / 25 / 32 / 40mm
  • Cable length 6.5m

Filter Specifications

  • Recommended Max. Pond Size: 12000 litres
  • Power: 11w
  • Dimensions: Top 416, Base 342, Height 599mm