pond gravity box filter

Jebao UV Pond Gravity Box Filter UBF-6000E

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The Jebao UBF-E range of pond filters offer effective filtration for clear and healthy ponds.

How It Works
Pond water passes through the UV clarifier and exposes impurities in the water to the UV light. This water is then passed through the foam layers which extract dirt particles and debris. The water is now passed into the biological filtration chamber,where helpful bacteria has established itself on the bio-balls. These bacteria then digest the organic debris to give clear, clean water.

Filter Specifications
  • Recommended Max. Pond Size: 6000 litres
  • Power: 9w
  • Dimensions: 380 x 280 x 383mm
  • Inlet: 20/25/32/40mm
  • Outlet: 50mm