pond filter pump and UV combination with fountain

Jebao UIF-1500 All-in-one Pond Fountain Pump Filter and UVC Clarifier

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The Jebao UIF-1500 ALL-IN-ONE pond fountain pump filter and UVC combines everything required to run a healthy algae free pond.

The complete solution for clear water with the minimum of fuss. Simply place in the pond, far easier than traditional pump. filter and UVC kits.


  • Low energy eco friendly pump
  • UVC for clear water
  • Filter for clear healthy water
  • Filter comes packed with foams and zeolite
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • Water fountain is fitted with a ball joint for angle adjustment
  • UV ON Light indicator



  • 25w Pump
  • 7w UVC
  • Dimensions: Length 371mm x Width 260mm Height 135mm