Jebao PU-7 UV Pond Clarifier

Jebao PU-7 UV Pond Clarifier

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The Jebao PU-7 Ultra Violet Clarifier (UVC) continues to form a key element of any pond keepers system. The algae, causing green water, are made to clump together by the UV (ultra violet) light so that they can be sieved out of the water by a filter to give clear water. The UV clarifier effectively eliminates algae and pathogens as well as harmful bacteria through this ultra violet light.

The PU-7 is designed to be used with an existing pond filtration system, which normally includes a mechanical and biological filter, filter pump and hose. The clarifier unit is weatherproof but not waterproof and must not be submerged in water.

To prevent algae growth and green water, the Jebao UVC should be run for 24 hours a day during the Summer Season, and can be positioned before or after the filtration system. The water must be pumped through the unit and not gravity fed.

Each model available has a visual function indicator.

GS and CE approved.


  • Power: 7w
  • Length: 309 mm
  • Cable Length (approx.): 6 metres