a pond fountain pump with guard displaying the telescopic stem

Jebao PF 750 Low Wattage Submersible Fountain Pond Pump

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Designed with a protective outer shell to minimize risk of blockages. This fountain pump has a magnetic driven motor with electric driven components which are embedded in resin for operation underwater. Easy to install and maintain,.


  • Low running costs: PF-750 model 11 watts
  • Extendable telescopic fountain stem
  • 2 different style fountain heads supplied
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • Easy to install and maintain

High water flow with low energy consumption for energy conscious and environmentally friendly operation. Robust filter housing minimizes the risk of blockage and makes installation and maintenance easy.

Dimensions (approx):  158mm x 92mm x 89mm

GS and CE approved.


  • Max. Flow Rate: 750 LPH
  • Max. Flow Rate @ 0.6 metre: 400 LPH
  • Max. Head: 1.4 metres
  • Wattage: 11w
  • Cable Length: 10 metres