turtle shape black coloured garden pond pump with attached stepped hose tail

Jebao EFP 6500 Low Wattage Economy Submersible Garden Pond Pump

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These reliable, energy efficient pumps are suitable for watercourses, ponds and waterfalls. They are also perfect to pump water through a filtration system such as pressurised and gravity filters

Jebao EFP pumps have a TRF (Thermal resettable Fuse) device that will automatically switch of the pump if it overheats. This will prevent damage to the motor.


  • High performance motor with innovative electronics giving up to 50% reduction in energy costs.
  • IC electronic detection for automatic power-off protection upon no water.
  • Motor protection if rotor blocked.
  • High pump head an larger flow rates.
  • Rust proof ceramic shaft for longer life.

Their flatter "turtle" shape design makes them particularly suitable for use in shallow water.

Dimensions (approx):  320mm x 280mm x 180mm

GS and CE approved.


  • Max. Flow Rate: 6500 LPH
  • Max. Flow Rate @ 1.5m: 5300 LPH
  • Max. Head: 4.0 metres
  • Wattage: 50w
  • Outlets: 20/25/32/40mm
  • Solids Handling: 6mm
  • Cable Length: 10 metres