a transparent sectioned aquarium fish hatchery

Hidom Aquarium Fish Hatchery Breeding Box Trap - BX-002

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Breeding traps are ideal for fish to bear there fry in or isolate aggressive or weak fish.

They is a compartment for the adults and a removable shelf which has holes that allow the babies to fall through the bottom of the trap.

The hatchery has side and bottom vents to allow optimum water flow. Warm oxygenated water from the main aquarium enters the breeding box through the slatted sides.

Supplied with lid and partition shelf, and also includes suckers for attaching to the inside of the aquarium.

Suitable for marine and freshwater aquariums


  • Designed for optimum water flow
  • With a partition to prevent newborn fish being eaten
  • Lid to stop fish jumping out
  • Suction cups to attach to the side of tanks
  • Useful as isolation tank
  • Separate weak or aggressive fish
  • Live bearers to give birth in

Dimensions: Length 133mm, Height 75mm, Width 76mm