aquarium LED light with flexible arm

Hidom Aquarium AL Series Clip-on LED Two Mode (Daylight and Twilight) Light

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The Hidom AL series overhead aquarium LED lights are made from the highest quality components with sleek elegant design. Fully adjustable can even be laid flat to fit under an aquarium cover/hood. It's easy to use bright LED two mode display will illuminate your tank with a penetrating white light or a cool ambient blue light and show off your aquarium and its contents the way it's meant to be. A low wattage output means these lamps will not break your bank balance either.

All model available in either black or silver.


  • Ultra-thin sleek aluminium design
  • Fully flexible arms
  • Energy-saving and environment friendly
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Fitted with a UK 3 pin plug
  • Cable length: 165cm


Model: AL-2
Number of LED's: 20
Power: 5.0w
Unit Length: 240mm.

Model: AL-3
Number of LED's: 32
Power: 8.0w
Unit Length: 340mm.

Model: AL-4
Number of LED's: 44
Power: 12.0w
Unit Length: 440mm.

GS and CE approved.