a twin outlet Hidom powerhead aquarium water pump

Hidom Aquarium 3 in 1 Submersible Powerhead Water Pump 1600 LPH - AP-2000

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Submersible aquarium powerhead designed for pushing water to an external filtration system or simply moving water around your tank, simulating flow or currents.

• Silent operation.
• Durable and reliable.
• Energy Saving.
• Strong Performance.
• Can be used on all aquarium types.
• For continued water circulation and enhancing aeration.
• Compact in Size yet powerful deliverance.
• Fitted with UK 3-pin Plug.


Voltage: 220~240V
Frequency: 50/60Hz.
Qmax: 1600 L/H.
Hmax: 1.6m.
Power: 30.0W.
Dimensions: 94X60X144mm.

GS and CE approved.