jebao replacement foams for the CF range of pond pressure filters
Geniune Jebao (Jecod) Replacement Foam Set for CF-10 CF-20 CF-30 Pressure Filters

Geniune Jebao (Jecod) Replacement Foam Set for CF-10 CF-20 CF-30 Pressure Filters

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Genuine Jebao Jecod Replacement Foam Sponges
  • Promotes Healthy Water: The Jebao Replacement Foam Set is designed to fit CF-10, PF-10, and Bermuda 4000 Pressure Filters, which provide both mechanical and biological filtration. This means that the sponges trap debris and uneaten food, and promote the growth of beneficial bacteria. The result is cleaner water that is healthier for fish and aquatic life.
  • Durable and High-Quality: Made with high-quality materials, these sponges are built to last. The Foam Set is designed to withstand the rigors of pond maintenance and provide reliable performance over the long term.
  • Easy to Install: The sponges are easy to install and fit seamlessly into your filter. Simply remove the old sponges and replace them with the Jebao Replacement Foams. No special tools or expertise are required, making it easy for anyone to upgrade their pond's filtration system.
  • Dual-layer Filtration: The replacement foams feature dual-layer filtration with coarse and fine grade foams. The foams trap debris and particles of all sizes, promoting the build-up of beneficial bacteria and creating a cleaner and healthier pond environment for fish and aquatic plants.
  • Cost-Effective: The Jebao Replacement Foam Set is a cost-effective solution for pond owners who want to maintain a healthy environment for their fish and aquatic life. By extending the lifespan of your filter and reducing the need for frequent replacements, this product can help you save money on maintenance and upkeep over the long term.