a set of 3 aquarium products displaying a heater, filter, air pump and light

Aquarium 50 Litre Tank Start-up Set: Heater, Filter Air Pump and LED Overhead Light

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Ideal for small fish tanks up to 50 litres.

When you purchase in bundles we can really help to push the cost down even lower. This bundle saves you an additional 12%.

Bundle Set Contents:

  • Hidom HT-2050 Submersible Aquarium Thermostat Heater - 50w
  • Hidom AP-300L Internal Filter - 3w
  • Hidom HD-601a Air Pump with Accessories - 2w
  • Hidom CL-3B LED Clip-on Light (24 LED's) - 2w
  • Stick-on thermometer

The HD-601a Air Pump includes air line, air stone, non-return valve, T-connector and straight connector. This ensures it is fully complete and ready to go - no need to have to make additional purchases.

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