desktop aquarium with overhead light

Hidom All-in-one Desktop 15 Litre Fish Tank Aquarium with 25w Heater

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Brighten up your office with this all-in-one mini aquarium. This superb fish tank is made from crystal clear transparent acrylic and comes with a 2 mode display overhead LED lamp to make viewing your aquarium a tranquil delight. The 2 mode display enables you to switch your lighting from daytime mode to twilight mode. This Hidom mini aquarium also comes with filter media and a pump to maintain and keep your aquarium clean and oxygenated. It is also fitted with a transparent lid. With this package you also get a Hidom HT-2025 25w thermostat heater.

Package Includes:

  • 15 litre desk-top fish tank
  • 2 mode display LED lamp
  • 25w Thermostat Heater
  • Aquarium pump: 300 LPH
  • Course and fine media foams

Dimensions: Height: 24 cm, Length 27 cm, Width 23.5 cm